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Behold: the winners of the TalkRadar ad contest!

17 amazing works of art, some likely heading to a magazine near you Words: Brett Elston, GamesRadar US

A few weeks ago we challenged GamesRadar fans to design the very first print ad for our weekly podcast, TalkRadar. The winner of said contest would have his or her design featured in issues of The Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation: The Official Magazine, gaining worlwide fame and priceless noteriety overnight. Much to our never-ending delight, you guys came through big time, forcing us to choose among some extremely strong pieces. But now we can reveal who won, plus the runners up that we'll try to get in the magazines down the road.

Much thanks to EVERYONE who gave up even a minute of their time to work on a submission.

Again, huge thanks to everone who entered, and even though Graboids technically "won," we're trying our damndest to get more of these in future issues of OXM and PTOM. In the meantime, why not revisit the TalkRadar forums or Compendinarium?

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