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Depiction of Tangle Me courtesy of 510 Brother Panda

Tangle Me is the first ever community made fictional character. While the idea was made by Tyler Wilde in episode 130 Tangle Me's only appearances have been in the form of phone calls from users. Tangle Me is largely based on the user Strangle Me who is known for leaving 10 minute phone calls, having a Brooklyn accent, and being a total badass. Like Strangle Me, Tangle Me also has a Brooklyn accent, and is also a total badass. However, Tangle Me's phone calls do not last nearly as Strangle Me's, and his badassness is far less subtle.


  • Lives in a tower in Brooklyn.
  • Has long hair that is used for princess rescuing.
  • First draft for Tangle Me is also known as "Urban Cheese."
  • Appeared in the film Tangled.
  • Strangle Me has yet to respond to the Tangle Me phenomenon.
  • Currently "Urban Cheese" fan-boys have yet to recognize Tangle Me as a true fictional character.

Tangle Me

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