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Life Sized Mikel wearing a Tiny Mikel tshirt

On April 17, 2010, GamesRadar Forum member KREATIVEassassin created a comic of Mikel Reparaz called The Adventures of Tiny Mikel. It was created using sprites from various NES games. The Mikel Reparaz sprite is a very slightly altered sprite from the NES game Legacy of the Wizard.

Comic PremiseEdit

Mikel Reparaz is transported into an 8-bit world where he is in charge. Various game characters visit him to seek assistance addressing problems that only Mikel's diminutive size can solve. A so far unused character named Wrongparaz, who constantly speaks untruths that Mikel must correct, was created to be Mikel's adversary.


The comic consists of three 384x256 panels set side by side. Each comic has a minimum of three panels with a variable maximum, though no row will have less than three panels in it. Dialogue spoken by characters appears in whatever color the sprite is predominantly colored as. The color of the logo in the top left of the comic changes color depending on which comic it is. The order the colors appear are red, yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, then back to red. Blur effects are used to depict motion, though most sprites appear exactly as they do in the games they originate from.


The comic strip was such a hit in the Reparaz House that Mrs. Wikiparaz hand made a "Tiny Mikel" shirt for Mikel's 31st Birthday.

Forum member SenatorPepper created an animated rendition (fully supported by KREATIVEassassin) of a peaceful morning at Mikel's vacation house. His plane's propeller spins lazily in the wind to the sound of the waterfall, while Mr. and Mrs. Wikiparez enjoy a cozy cup of coffee and read the newspaper in front of Mikel's environmentally-friendly, volcano-fueled fireplace. He also created custom sprites for a Tiny Mikel video game.

When KREATIVEassassin visited San Francisco and appeared on TalkRadar 123, he presented Mikel with a copy of Legacy of the Wizard

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