Things that would be great for the TalkRadar wiki, but haven't been made yet. Usually stuff that can be counted.

Episode featuring the most gong sounds, and how many. (odd facts)

Number of times and episodes Brett Elston mentions Animal Crossing and Pokemon. (odd facts)

Number of times and episodes Mikel Reparaz got a Wikiparez and what for. (odd facts)

Number of times and episodes Charlie Barratt mentions Gabriel Knight. (odd facts)

TDar Promos and Trailers played on TDar. When created, and what episode it was repeated (odd facts)

Intro segments to start off the TalkRadar podcast.

Pokemon Monday, and episode names/ listings

All songs and segments played in break. (odd facts)

Repeating songs and segments played in break. (odd facts)

Fan art from the TalkRadar Fan art thread

Prizes and contests given out since the creation of TalkRadar. (Could be new segment) but not really essential

Timestamping funny quotes for the podcast compendarium (within the episodes in Tdar Compendarium)

Dream Segments analyzed what episodes and the dreams from the users (Future Segment)

The Tdar Hotline calls from Episode 92 to present. Who called at what was it about. (Future segment)

Filling out the pages for the E3 special 1 and 2 for E3 2009.

[TDar UK] QOTWs (In each individual episode) Archive of all QotWs (New Page) Note: Can all be found in each episode already

[TDar UK] How many times Nathan Irvine has mentioned Dragon Quest 8 (New page)

[TDar UK] How many times Dave Meikleham misinterprets his news articles (New page)

[TDar UK] How many times Justin Towell has mentioned Sonic (New page) ∞?

[TDar UK] How many times Matt Cundy says "YOU MUGGIN' ME OFF?!" (New Page)

[TDar UK] How many times Matt Cundy mentions breasts or breastfeeding (New Page)

A short review and a score for every podcast, including comedy and discussion value (Probably not happening) (although it would be very awesome)

Can we please fix up the US Episodes page? It's out of date, it's incomplete, and needs to be fixed.

Update the UK episode page.

Start a page for GRUK podcast

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